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K-Gami hate revival!!
max_in_nipland wrote in paraparadrama

Because Phil lives for the drama XD 

I had my first ever para related hate mail yesterday from the lovely K-Gami of France. The guy who is so keen on uniting the international para scene... Anyway here it is:


Max, i read some of your post on your blog...

please don't do like you are a star...
don't feel like a star...

you REALLY didn't deserve to be there "with the best para dancers" i mean !
you are NOT that good dancer trust us !

don't play your best because you are not !

RECOGNIZE IT ! please !
don't be as stupid as that DISCO NRG members...

someone who really wants you to wake up...



Seriously why so concerned with what I'm doing? I clearly think I'm the best para dancer ever.... I wish. Goddamn those STUPID Disco NRG members!!

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They're just jealous they can't be in the video, people can be really vicious when they don't see people "deserving" it :/

It's kind of difficult for people to see that in Japan it's all about fun while we (outside of Japan) think about it as a serious thing. I'm only serious when things are filmed wrong for public distribution but other than that I love dancing in the clubs and it's not all about knowing dances 100%. In fact it's fun when you mess up and people either catch you messing up or not, haha

Also sure I'll admit that I had my head up my ass before at times (young and naive, but who hasn't been before?) but I don't think I'm the best and in fact I've gotten terrible within the last year or 2. But seriously people, quit whining and if they really wanted to be in the Japanese scene just GO to Japan! Simple as that...

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