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The End of an Era: PPStage
gcmoffmoorex wrote in paraparadrama

Let's discuss. What's going to happen, favorite memories, the downfall, etc.

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Until we know what's going to happen for sure there isn't much to say.

If nothing changes at all then it's like nothing happened since it's not like the site nor the forums we're really going anywhere to begin with.

Patty said she wants to avoid drama with this whole situation. What I will say is that after all these years everyone knows that's not a viable option when it comes to Para Para =P. In my opinion, the only people that actually give a shit about this scene and want to make it continue to grow are those who are steeped in drama. Why? Because they care. Putting someone who is in charge that is from outside of the scene or who has minimal knowledge about it all is one way of avoiding the drama, but is not conducive to the growth of the scene at all. And I'm sorry, but as someone who has never attended an anime convention before, the scene does not solely consist of people from North American cons. PPS is supposed to be an 'International Dance Stage', right?

One can only hope that this 're-bitrh' of PPS will truly move towards that 'International Dance Stage' mentality and have a team made up of various people (read VARIOUS, not ONE. Heading a project like this is too much for one individual to handle especially when it's not something they really care for anymore) from the scene that can help it continue to grow on a Global level.

People say Para Para is dead all the time in North America. Well it isn't as a whole here and most definitely isn't elsewhere in the world, so as long as there are still some people left around there's a point in trying to make this work.

...as usual it turns out I had too much to say! I still stand by wait and see what happens.

You know, people always say the para is dead in north america, I've heard it since 2004, but at every con panel I've been to in the last few years, there's more and more people every time. PPS slowed down over the years, but the community branched out and there's a lot of other great web resources. There's no central hub at the moment, but the community is still strong. Once this issue is resolved, I hope PPS will flourish again and help build strong relationships.

Most of my con friends I met through Para, and that is why I love it. It's a unique phenomenon to be able to get together with people you see once or twice a year and all be able to do the same thing and have fun. Whatever ends up happening, I still love you guys!

I'm intrigued to see what is going to happen with the boards once the new administration steps up and takes over. I think it's an incredibly smart move of Patty to put someone not intrinsically involved in the community in charge of the boards. Friends and things aside, it's much better to have someone who is completely neutral in the position of power.

Because let's face it guys, we all revel in the drama and stupid, hilarious shit that goes down on the boards, and so we're all more than willing to let it continue to build and ROFL at it. Even though most of the time, the best thing to do is to really just shut it down.

I don't know, I think we should wait and see and not make any snap judgments on the new admin until everything gets set back up.

I think that why me and Javier have a major problem with her decision was that she never told us about her plan in the first place! :( We were stuck with a forum that didn't have its images working for about 2 months, and we couldn't do anything about it because all we could do was monitor or edit posts.

Sure we did enjoy the drama, but I know that a lot of it had to do (originally) with being parapara related. It is a very passionate topic for most of us on there (well, duh), so it usually can start out as a heated discussion but usually ends up in a flame war instead. and despite all of that drama, we have taken care of issues, mainly dealing with John#'s. He has communication problems and with us monitoring his posts we stopped possible flame wars from happening by rejecting his posts and telling him what he was doing wrong.

and either way, if Patty really did want to do something about the drama she would've at least heard ALL sides and not just one... I know that when it comes back online, Javier and I will probably not be the mods anymore.

PS: Sorry for putting this in your reply, Robert 8( I just haven't talked about this stuff yet, and still really confused by this whole situation...

My main beef is the lack of communication. It's her site, it's her dream, it's her vision and what have you so she can do whatever she wants with it. However communication from her end has been less than stellar and apparently she doesn't think the opinions of those that DO care even matter.

All of the above is exemplified by the mods not knowing what the hell is going on. Even I can say I've had experience with that the last time she tried to get things going again. I donated money, I spoke with her, plans were being made and I offered trying to help as much as possible only to see nothing come of it other than a "Website Staff" heading under my username. I don't even know what website there was to staff.

All of what I just said coupled with my comment above pretty much sums up how I feel about it all. I wish Patty all the best and thank her for giving us a community to begin with. Things would be VERY different right now if PPS did not exist. I just hope whoever takes this beast on knows what they're doing and cares about the scene.

I'm sorry for being very blunt, but I really don't even think Patty is a real administrator and nor is Daidai. I had never even heard of him before and i've been in the scene for five years. Daidai seems the same like Patty where he or she does not log on for months too. I dunno, maybe they'll come back from hiatus and realize why everyone left. Hopefully they'll figure out why.

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