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~*~Happy Happy Turkey Day~*~
stevievox wrote in paraparadrama

Herro boys and girls! Today we have special parapara dance for you!

This video is from rare dvd. So sweet like a juice of coconut.

Please enjoying!!

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(Deleted comment)
Most of the people I know share lots of those qualities, yeah, including myself. XD

I guess we're all lunatics. Who'da thunk?

I bet it killed him to have to wear such a full length shirt.

It was dreadful. Absolutely dreadful.

I wear a mid-drift every single day of my life. I'd never leave home without one.

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OH SHI- MIK-!!! lol
yeah I have always thought that dance was cute only because I like that song...but those...dancers...wtf

They're ballerinas.

Also, you know this isn't real parapara right?

It's about as real as watching you try to do it, sweetheart. <3

Yeah, I speak the truth. It's bootleg.

They made bootleg copies of it? That's amusing. XD

Thanks! I suck at choreography unless it's a ridiculously cute song. Fag powers, activate! \o/

Oh! Hi there!

This is embarassing to watch, Steviee!

I forgot to use my PPDrama icon.

when do I look at the camera... when do I look?
OH, HELLO THERE and WELCOME to my PairaPaira Dance Video.
Do you like this belly shirt?
It's VERY dramatic

Look at this slit, it's VERY dramatic.
Let me put my hands together

(Deleted comment)
Honestly, I did think those shirts were really cute. XD But the director actually took us to Target the day before to buy the girls shirts. I thought that was pretty ghetto. When we got to the hotel, they just ripped and cut them in various places. O_o


Haha, that part was pretty retarded. I actually did it as a joke to be silly, and the directors were like "No, no! Do it again!!"

After all of the takes we took, I really couldn't believe that they seriously put that in the final cut. X_x

"So sweet like a juice of coconut."

Before you sent me the link to the video, I was almost 100% sure it was going to be the XTube video with that title.

(Deleted comment)
Well, I initially took my time teaching the routine, and I was directed to speed it up. It was also completely impromptu, which made it even worse. x.x It was really tough to come up with a lesson on the spot, but it's better than nothing.

I completely agree about the dancers, though. I was really ashamed that Geneon insisted on using models and not actual ParaPara dancers ffrom the fandom, but Geneon was more interested in how the girls look than how they performed. Regardless, they were really sweet and a blast to work with!

Also, Randy "Rando" taught them the dances... it wasn't me. XD I did what I could to fix their moves, but after they've done it for months and with only an hour or so before they had to film, there wasn't anything to salvage. Sad day.

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