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For Your Pleasure
Manga Me
stevievox wrote in paraparadrama
This entry was originally posted by: mybloodyzombie.

No friends only posts please from now on. Either way DM Ashura found out about this entry. He wants to do his reply to this entry publicly. Unfortunately it wouldn't let me edit his post to make it public. Hence why I re-posted it. Please enjoying.


a little discussion between myself and DMAshura. sorry for cutting out a couple of the first lines...it was mostly him going "wanna see the transcripts? oh wait i'm a moron and forgot to save them" and me saying "LERN 2 COMPUTR PLZ"

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Thank you Steve.

Needless to say I'm annoyed that somebody would harbor ill will toward me and not have the guts to tell me themselves, but instead hide behind somebody who I've never even met and therefore would have preferred never to have a problem with.

If any of you have a problem with me for whatever reason, I invite you to tell me to my face - preferably on AIM (AstralAshura). Of course, if you plan on doing so, I'd prefer you actually tell me what you think instead of resorting to namecalling. I assure you I'm not hard to get along with ... provided you actually try. If something bothers you, it's never going to get fixed if you don't say a word ... or give me a chance to defend myself.

(For the record ... my MSN is set to automatically log messages, but my computer crashed and therefore they were not saved. However, I'm pretty sure they're nowhere near as exciting as you might have thought, which is probably why only a few choice words were selected. Of course if you have any questions feel free to ask.)

(Deleted comment)
Yes, I found out in the first place how you felt via Mike's journal. But as I recall I told you you'd gotten completely the wrong impression of me, and YOU said you were willing to admit that.

As for only wanting to talk to you when I need something or want critique... ever since you brought that you felt that way up to me, I tried to talk to you out of the blue. The fact that you never responded except when you DID give critique of my Halloween Night original is your own problem.

As for whether I'm "good enough" for Avex or D-NRG... I grew out of that. Move on. I did.

As for never talking to you before AD/D-NRG happened... I can't see how this is relevant, given that the entire reason I found out about you in the FIRST place was American Dream.

As for being a creepy suck-up... wow. I suppose that one can't be genuinely nice anymore. How can one be "REAL" when one is accused of being fake when they do so?

(Deleted comment)
"I'd been active in the parapara community for more than 4 years at that point, posting refilms etc. I'm almost positive I had commented to you on forums before, too."

I'm pretty sure you've been into Para for much longer than I have, just like Dom, Jason, Jim, etc. And if you commented to me on a forum (maybe it was Bemanistyle or something?), and I didn't try to talk to you, it was probably because I wasn't into Para enough yet where I started getting to know other Paralists. I don't talk to every single person I meet on every forum.

Anyway ... I've admitted and will gladly admit again I used to be immature when I was new to Para, just like I'm sure everybody else has been at some point. We're humans. However I've made a conscious effort to move past it. Whether you want to hold onto your old perception is therefore your choice, and if that's what you choose, I can't change your mind.

Best of luck in the future with D-NRG.

Wait, wait, wait, let me get this straight. Did you seriously make a LJ account just to post on here?

You whine to get Steve to post boring crap about you. You annoy and harass people (seriously, I was on the phone with Steve last night. What part of "I'm on the phone" do you not get? Learn some freaking social norms!) to get on here and for what?

To bore us. That's what you're doing. No one cares what you think. No one even considers you a part of the para para community, so you have nothing to be ashamed about! It's great, really. :) You are not associate with those you are ashamed of.

No one wants to "try to get along" with you either. You know why? You're creepy and you're awkward. You make music. Great. That doesn't make people like you.

First off, I got a new LJ after Steve told me I should about 5 times. I wanted to defend myself.

Second of all ... um ... do I even know you?

P.S. Re: Social norms.

Welcome to the internet. MSN does not demand constant attention. Generally if one of my friends says "brb phone" I will post whatever and they are more than welcome to read it when they get back. It's not that difficult a concept.

I don't even know why he had to ask this to be posted but whatever. Drama is good for lulz.

The only personal experience I have is that whenever I tried to give constructive criticism, it was deflected and defended to the point where any conversation with DM Ashura was an exercise in frustration.

Sorry, Bill. But when it comes to Para para, Japanese music or whatever, you just spend too much time blowing yourself up and being a little too arrogant. When things like Koushukai and B-1 Dynamite are a mystery to you when you could find out just by reading a thread or two on Para Para Stage, it's a little bit off.

Just because I defend myself doesn't mean I'm not listening to constructive criticism and taking it to heart. I've always understood this to be the way that people discuss opposing viewpoints ... each side defends their own argument and listens to the other, and a mutual understanding is reached.

As for asking about stuff ... yeah, I suppose I should just read more. I just am used to trying to ask people who I know are knowledgeable about a subject. I see it as equivalent to being in a class and asking a professor about something. Most of the time they won't just say "go look it up." (Hopefully.)

Well, sometimes you just defend yourself to the point where you're being stubborn. Like with that time you needed help for a Japanese interview and no matter what I said, you said you were right.

It's okay. Just try not to come off arrogant, cause you have a habit of showing off a bit.

Ah, definitely remember that (re: Japanese.) I just looked over the conversation ... the thing is that I had learned differently in college from what you had told me, so I was trying to understand it (using dekizu vs dekinakatta kara vs dekinakatta node.) I did end up taking your advice once I completely understood the logic, and I really appreciated your help.

And as for showing off ... eh ... I get really excited when I make something new. I'm sorry if I come off that way.

(Deleted comment)
Mon 'tit William, j'avait aucune idée que tu pouvais etre si bitch que ca! XD

Tous les Parisiens sont aussi élégants que vous?

Ben non mais ils sont tous plus snob que nous 8D

You do realize I have no idea what that says right?

Pouahh XD
C'est que trop vrai :P
Nous ont a la poutine pour nous dé-snobiser XD


Y faut qu'on changent ca =)

*eyeroll* Oh Jesus Christ.

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